Bro. Rozell Orr Sr.

I have been a minister of the gospel for 11 years with my beginnings at Newsome Street church of Christ in Hahira, Georgia. From there, I went to Jackson Drive church of Christ where I was the youth minister and then assistant minister. It was my son, Rozell, Jr. (Jay), that paved the way for my preaching as he was seven years old when he wanted to be baptized and nine years old when he began to preach. I was truly inspired by his zeal for God and his desire to preach his word. However, if I think back far enough, I remember watching Martin Luther King, Jr. on television when I was spending the night with my grandparents. I was in awe of his fire and his passion. I wanted to bring hope to people as he did. I was no older than my son when he realized his desire when I would get my grandfather’s bible and stand up in front of the bed and pretend to preach as Dr. King did, but, at that time, I did not know about the church. I just knew that I wanted to bring hope to people.


I was 19 years old when I accepted the gospel into my life with the message being delivered by Brother Johnnie McHellen, Sister Orr’s father. Soon after, I married the love of my life, Caterina, and we moved to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma under the order of the United States Army. I was honorably discharged four years later and eventually made my way back to Valdosta six years after my departure. Once back in Valdosta, I became involved in the work at Newsome Street. My consistent work was with the youth. Caterina and I helped to chaperone every event that the youth attended. While at Newsome Street, Caterina and I facilitated a quarterly newsletter where the youth were the reporters, editors, photographers, etc. Also, under the behest of Bro. Scott who was the youth coordinator at the time, we worked with the youth to put together a play for the youth gospel meeting that Newsome Street was hosting. From there, our love for skits and plays were born in the manifestation of Acting For Christ (AFC) Theater Group, a drama ministry that we founded with members from area congregations. We have been blessed to perform at many gospel events in Georgia and Florida and in the community.


While I have worked heavily with children through the years in my ministry, I also have a deep love of working with adults. I live to uplift, encourage, and inspire my fellow brothers and sisters in the gospel. It is our responsibility to administer to one another so that we can fight the good fight of faith along this Christian journey. I also have a fundamental belief that we must meet members where they are in a loving manner so that they do not become discouraged.


Another major point of my ministry is evangelism. The Bible commands us to go and teach. I believe in taking the gospel into the community and snatching as many souls out of the fiery pit as God will allow. My wife and I have conducted many bible studies and, consequently, have brought many to Jesus Christ with the majority of these souls being young adults.  Once we bring them to the water to be saved, we carry a responsibility to keep the saved, saved.


We are a life-giving, multi-cultural, multi-generational church where people of different races, backgrounds, and walks of life come together to worship, be inspired in their love for God, to develop relationships and be empowered to live out His purpose for our lives.




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